Turn a Bong Into a Dab Rig in 3 Steps

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Did you know you can use your bong to dab?

That's right.

In just 3 easy steps, you can have a bong for dabbing at your disposal!

Whether you're avoiding a new dab rig purchase or just want to get creative with your favorite bong, this guide will demonstrate exactly how to dab with a regular bong.

Let's jump right in!

Choose the right bong for dabbing

turn bong into dab rig


When it comes to smoking dry herbs, a bigger bong usually better.

That's not the case with dabbing.

For this guide, we recommend using a water pipe that's 15" tall or less.


Wacky designs look great when you're enjoying a sesh with friends, but they can get in the way when dabbing concentrates.

The same goes for an animal bong.

Stick with a beaker bong style that features a straight tube.

It's simple, but the shape and downstem of this type of bong will make it a lot easier to convert it to a dab rig.


turn bong into dab rig percolator

You can use a bong with percolators for this guide, but only if the percs are simple in design and small.

While bong percolators do help cool and filter smoke, too many percs will take away from the taste and potency of your concentrates.

How to make a dab rig out of your bong

Step 1: Get an adapter

First, you'll need a bong adapter.

An adapter is a small accessory that converts the joint size of your bong.

To use a bong to dab, you'll need a male to male adapter.

The adapter needs to be the correct size for your pipe's downstem as well.

Most downstems are 14.5mm or 18.8mm.

If you aren't sure what size you need, use a dime.

A downstem that's the width of a dime is 18.8mm.

If the width is smaller, it's likely 14.5mm.

Step 2: Get a dab nail

Next, you need a dab nail.

The dab nail needs to match your adapter's size.

A 14.5mm male to male adapter requires a 14.5mm nail.

You have a few different options when it comes to the type of nails available.

The most common types are quartz banger, ceramic, & titanium nails.

Quartz banger nails are very popular because they heat quickly, but also break easily.

Titanium nails are durable, but they need to be seasoned before use or your dabs will taste bad.

Ceramic nails are safer to use, but take longer to heat.

Choose your nail based on your personal preference since they all have their own pros and cons.

We personally recommend starting with a quartz banger if you're new to dabbing.

Step 3: Get your accessories

Finally, you'll need 3 basic accessories before you're ready to enjoy some dabs.

Dab tool

turn bong into dab rig dab tool

 Your nail will be extremely hot, so you want to have a dab tool available to add wax or concentrates to the nail before dabbing.

A dab tool is long metal or glass device that is used to apply concentrate from a dish to your heated nail.

There are many different styles available, like dab tools with a scoop to make the process easier.

Carb cap

After applying your concentrate to the heated nail, a carb cap is needed to dab efficiently.

A carb cap will help control your airflow by covering the nail and vaporizing the concentrate evenly.

Like dab tools, you'll find a carb cap can come in all kinds of different sizes and styles.


turn bong into dab rig torch

The last accessory needed is a butane torch.

Dabs require a powerful heat source, so a traditional gas station lighter won't be good enough.

A torch will heat your nail quickly and precisely every time.

Find a mini torch or a jumbo torch you like and you're ready to dab!

Should you turn your bong into a dab rig?

Generally, turning your bong into a dab rig should only be a short term solution.

Using separate pipes for your dry herbs and oils are what we recommend.

This is mainly because of the cleaning process.

While dab rigs are easy to clean, bongs with resin from dry herbs can be a lot more challenging to clean.

The charred particles can even affect the taste of your concentrates.

But, if you're willing to diligently clean your pipe after each use, you can use your pipe as a bong and dab rig without worry.

Let's be real though.

Most of us don't have time for that.

Investing in a dab rig is usually the right decision!

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