How To Use A Nectar Collector For Dabbing

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Interested in learning how to use a nectar collector? Wondering how to dab with a nectar collector?

You've come to the right place!

A nectar collector is one of the most popular ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates today.

They're simple, inventive, and straightforward.

But here's the best part:

You can take dabs without needing to use all the extra accessories that come with a typical dab rig.

To learn how to use a nectar collector the right way, follow the steps outlined in this article.

Let's get started!

how to use a nectar collector wax

Nectar collectors explained

You can describe a nectar collector in just two words: portable and convenient.

Often referred to as a dab straw, nectar collectors are made up of a neck, body, and tip.

These parts can be made from silicone, glass, or quartz.

A silicone nectar collector works great if you're often dropping your dab tools. For a sturdier experience, look no further than a glass nectar collector that's durable and aesthetically pleasing.

The neck is detachable and built to fit comfortably into the body.

The body is a straight or chambered tube. Since it is technically a water pipe, the dab straw typically comes with built-in percolators.

The tip is the portion of the nectar collector that comes into direct contact with your concentrate dish.

Typically, the tip is made out of glass, titanium, or quartz, just like a dab nail.

In our opinion, quartz offers the best taste when it comes to nectar collectors.

How a nectar collector works

how to use a nectar collector dab

Using a nectar collector is very similar to taking a dab with a standard rig.

The main difference is you place the heated tip of your nectar collector on your concentrate instead of using a dabber to place the concentrate on your dab nail.

Nectar collectors are very simple to use and can often bridge the gap for someone who normally uses dry herbs but wants to try wax concentrates.

You don't have the usual complexities of a normal dab rig that involve carb caps, banger nails, etc.

Nectar collectors are even simpler than e-nails, simply because you don't need to worry about buttons or temperature settings.

Follow these steps to dab with nectar collectors:

  1. Fill a dish with wax, oil, distillate, or other concentrates.
  2. Using a butane torch, heat the tip of the nectar collector until it is red hot.
  3. Allow the nectar collector to cool to your desired temperature.
  4. (Optional) Use a dab thermometer to check the temperature before moving to the next step.
  5. Touch the hot tip of your nectar collector to your concentrates in the dish.
  6. Inhale as you gently draw on the mouthpiece of your nectar collector.

Should I use a nectar collector?

Besides how easy they are to use, nectar collectors offer a number of benefits to concentrate consumers.

To dab, you don't need as many pieces and it usually takes less time than a it would to dab using a rig, nail, and carb cap setup.

A nectar collector's basic design can also minimize waste because it helps you monitor precisely how much you vaporize.

It's also less expensive than a glass rig making it more accessible to concentrate enthusiasts and casual cannabis consumers.

Nectar collector tips

how to use a nectar collector concentrate

Nectar collectors are extremely easy to use.

Using one is as simple as, "Heat the tip, dip, and sip."

Here are a few bonus tips to get the most out of your nectar collector:

  1. Use a small amount of wax to maximize the effectiveness of your nectar collector
  2. If you notice a lot of vapor escaping when you use your nectar collector, try taking a harder pull
  3. For smooth, flavorful hits, take low-temperature dabs with your nectar collector

Nectar collector pros and cons

All you need to dab with a nectar collector is a heat source, dish, and your concentrates.

Even with a setup that simple, there are still advantages and disadvantages to consider when using a nectar collector.


  • Unique Design – Nectar collectors often feature cool designs, shapes, and colors that will impress your friends while looking awesome.
  • Easy to Use – The simple design allows your dabbing experience to be fun and seamless without the typical concerns associated with a dab rig.
  • Portable – It's lightweight and portable, making it ideal for on-the-go use when traveling. It provides a mess-free and convenient dabbing experience.
  • Simplicity – There are virtually no tools required. Simply heat the tip, dab, and enjoy.


  1. Not Discreet – You can certainly dab on the go, but if you want a more discreet way to dab you should look for vape pens instead.
  2. Temperature Control – Though e-nail adapters and heater coils are available for certain collectors, the conventional heat and cool system do not provide the same level of temperature control that a typical quartz nail would.

How to clean your nectar collector

how to clean a nectar collector

Gather the following items to clean your nectar collector:

  • a plastic zip-top container
  • hot water
  • a cup
  • 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol

Follow this process to clean your nectar collector thoroughly.

  1. Remove the tip of your nectar collector and blow through the mouthpiece. This will force the water out of the chamber and allow you to fill it with your cleaning agent.
  2. Place the piece in your cup and soak it in alcohol for at least an hour.
  3. Next, put the tip in a plastic bag, fill it with the iso-alcohol, and soak it for the same amount of time.
  4. Finally, rinse each piece with hot water, making sure to remove any leftover alcohol from the nectar collector.

Nectar collectors vs. dab rigs

When it comes to comparing nectar collectors to dab rigs, it all depends on your personal preference, budget, and dabbing experience.

A nectar collector is ideal for dab enthusiasts who have always wanted to take their dabs with them but have never been able to find the right dab tool to travel with.

For a more complex water pipe with percolators and filtration systems that cool vapors while removing harmful contaminants, traditional dab rigs are a great option.

Dab rigs are more common than nectar collectors, but that's quickly changing.

If you want the full dabbing experience but don't want to deal with the dab rig, torch, nail, and other components that come with a typical rig, a nectar collector could be right for you.

They both serve the same purpose, but nectar collectors require fewer tools.

Final note

If you like dabbing, a nectar collector is an excellent addition to your collection and a popular way to dab.

They're lightweight, portable, and easy to use without all of the accessories you would need for a traditional dab rig set up.

There are also several variations to choose from, including a glass nectar collector or a silicone nectar collector.

For a new method to enjoy your concentrates, consider shopping at OG Trays Online Headshop for a quality nectar collector today!

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